Children Center International Liberia

Ganta City, Nimba County
Liberia - West Africa

Mobile: (+231) 886-400-296/ +231 770 341 540

Who We Are

Children's Center International Liberia (CCI-Liberia) was established by the group of volunteers in 2001 in Monrovia to address the urgent needs of children who were traumatized by the 15years of civil war in Liberia.

CCI is a non-profitable organization set up to promote the well-being of children of all ages, give psychosocial support to HIV/AIDS, built shelters for homeless children (orphans), conduct community awareness (training), built latrines and provides safe drinking water (install hand pumps) the in local community within our catchments area of work.

The Center also advocate for the right of the child.  


Activities of CCI Include:

Training: is an essential part of program activities: to empower volunteers and beneficiaries with requisite skills and knowledge about the services offered. The is a need of proving more training and community awareness in such areas

Providing Safe Drinking Water and latrine: One of CCI program activity is to provide safe drinking water (such as hand-pumps) and latrines for the use of the community. Phase of our project start from Nimba County with 8 towns and two districts involved and will extend if donors agreed to send funding and support.

Training of community leaders: This training will be divided into two parts. Part one will include HIV/AIDS awareness and part two will include training of the care and use of the hand-pumps and latrines provided by CCI and its partners.

Work with Orphanages & Charity Centers: CCI Mission is to provide Security and give support services for orphans seeking refuge at any charity centers or orphanage homes in Liberia. Security and support such as:

Child Abuse: Make sure that the right of the child/children living in Liberia and at any centers and orphanage home right should be respected under the laws of Liberia.

Streets children: Children living on the street should be counsel and rehabilitated from the street to the nearest orphanages or charity center for refuge.

Feeding & Medication: Advocate and provide means for children to get free medication and feeding.

Educational support: As part of the growing process of Liberian after the civil war, CCI-Liberia has engaged in source of funding for the education of children who parents canít afford or support. This is part of reducing the sexual mind of the child against self-support or being forced against their will.

Volunteer Support: This kind of support is to provide volunteer services in the absent of CCI to reduce the tension of the child. That means, if the child is stress or depress because of some reasons; you as a counselor should be the first to give advices and cares that will reduce the tension of the child before further suggestion is made. This also has to do with HIV/AIDS positive.