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Back to School Supplies for Kids in needs


Estimated Cost /Budget: US86,153.00

Beneficiaries: Orphans, school drop outs, young girls who still have the desire to go back to school, teachers and the community

Goals and Objectives of the Project:

·         To ensure that the children (OVC) in Liberia (Nimba County) get their basic rights-the right to education.

·         To create awareness of these precious ones and the need for people to help sponsor these children to school.

·         To continue the awareness and school discussion on the designation of information on HIV/AIDS. (Print out IEC materials (postal) on the usage of female and male condom).

·         To create more awareness on HIV/Aids & Ebola prevention among students in various schools and communities

Problem Statement:

Due to increasing deaths of people as a result of HIV/AIDS, Ebola and other related sickness so many children have been left as orphans with no body to take care of them and giving them the kinds of support they need. Most of the children are left with their poor grandparents, other relatives, centers while other are left homeless hence ending up on the streets.

This project is primarily targeted at OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) and other children in primarily schools in rural Liberia mainly in Nimba County.

There are over 2000-3500 children (orphans) presently living with relatives, orphanages homes and other community members just within Nimba County. We can’t meet all their needs due to our financial status and donors we expect to help have other obligations. This year, CCI LIBERIA had decided to target 280 of rural children (orphans) with the most urgent needs in Nimba County who were recently affected by the Ebola outbreak with the support from donors and friends scholarships to primary and secondary schools in Ganta, Sinniquellie, Karnplay, Saclepea & Tappita.

We have been able to over the pass years sponsored over 25 children to primary and secondary schools with the little support we received from friends and in view of this; we decided to put together this project which would be a very strong tool to compliment our sponsorship of orphans’ scheme. It is believed that this project will provide education and school materials (supplies) to 280 OVC.

Education as we know is the fundamental right of a child. when a child is educated, that child becomes socially, mentally, morally and spiritually sound. Education is the way forward to end the scourging effect of poverty in our communities and in the nation as a whole. Personally, we believe that education is the key to the violence that has claimed so many lives and properties in Liberia rural communities. The role of education cannot be overemphasized, we see these OVC as key agents to a sustainable growth and development in their communities. The only way they can achieve this is if they are given the right to education and other social activities.

This proposal is divided into phases with budget attached to each line. At the end of every phase; the M&E Officers will work in line with the finance officer and board of directors to evaluate the projects and submit a comprehended report including receipts and photos of items purchased, to donors for the use of the fund. At the end of the year, final copy of reports including photos will be submitted to donors for final reviewing of activities conducted.


Mother Louis Dolo

Chairlady, Board of Directors

Children Center International Liberia (CCI-LIBERIA)

22 People’s Street

Ganta City, Nimba County

Republic of Liberia

West Africa


Note: If you are interested to support our project this year, please write and we will send you an attached copy of our proposal for your viewing.